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  • Kyran Gilbert

Writing Narrative

These wikipedia articals are just starting points for an overview of each topic.

Ludonarrative Dissonance is in essence the relationship between a games plot/story and the gameplay mechanics it employs to tell it to the player. this apply to both video and board games.

Its intresting to note as a method of anaylsing the Bandersnatch interactive episode of Black Mirror. How, in essence it trys to subvert the relationship but in doing so completely removes the viewer from the narrative giving you no attachment to the characters that your decissions are effecting.

Game studies is most prevelent in academic circles looking at social histories.*

*Mentioned in the artical about game studies is a man named Ivin Finkle who ive come across befor when looking at cuniform writing. He works at the british museum and is best known for finding the earliest writen telling of the noahs ark story which in the text contained an exact avount of the boats building. there is a really intresting documentary featuring him and a team recreating this ark to the exact mesurements of the text he found.

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