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  • Kyran Gilbert

"This is a box..." A light up box.

This is a piece that i first thought up near the middle of last term. It consist of a two way mirror at a 45 degree angles separating two paintings perpendicular to each other. All contained within a box which switches the reflective/transparency of the mirror with an array of LED lights. These lights are triggered by a proximity sensor, meaning that one painting will only ever be seen from afar and close up.

Bellow is the mock up that i made around the time of the ideas conception. it switches between a bird and a cage.

I have since made up the enclosure for the work's mechanic which houses; the mirror, both painting, wiring and eventually a stand will be attached. Featured bellow...

To switch between the two array of light i am employing the use of an Arduino board again. Its fitted with an echo sensor which detects proximity and a driver to change between the two sets of LEDs. This is all up and running save from supplying the 12v needed to the light array.

With my current set up there could be 2 problems...

The first being the LEDs. i have purchased two sets. One in a warm hue and the other a cool. there being no neutral i thought this way i could get an even balance so as not to distort the colours within the finished paintings.

The second is the sensor. From what i can gather having set it up its field of view is very narrow. I'm not sure what effect this will have on the finished piece when fully set up? A possible solution is a different sensor, or to have multiple which together will create the field of view it will need.

Bellow is a photo of all the parts...

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