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  • Kyran Gilbert

An attempt to use a MaGuffin as a character...

One day a lab technician who worked for a company who had developed a means for one-way time travel decided to take a trip back in time. They thought going to the past with a modern-day smart phone would make them the most famous and amazing genius if all time ever. They lingered in the labs until after hours. Set the date and went back to 1885.

Immediately on arrive they went to the most scholarly institute for science and technology to present them the smart phone. Forgetting of course that the infrastructure in place to make the phone do everything it does would not exist for a long while after, all they could show was how it can take photos and immediately present them to the viewer. This was a massive novelty and the academics were amazed.

The technician also didn’t have the foresight to know modern plugs wouldn’t be around either and after a while of displaying instant photos, the phone died. Unable to re-create the technology or give any other insight into the working of the phone they were cast out of the institute.

With no other real-world skill with which to obtain money back in 1885 they were forced to sell the phone at a pawn brokers as an “ugly glass inlayed paperweight”. The money they got from this was not enough to stay anywhere for long. Nor was it enough to purchase food as the technician was so used to paying for meals to be made for them that they could not cook.

Soon they were evicted from their lodgings and with still no work to find starve and died a few weeks later.

The phone stayed in the pawn brokers for years as no one wanted to weigh down their papers with such a garish thing. Much time passed and eventually a young lab technician came into the shop in need of a phone and to their surprise found the dusty thing to be exactly what they wanted.

The phone is extremely bored see the technician repeating this mistake forever.

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