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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

The idea is to have some body of text, be it my research journal or an essay running on an object whichs only function is to display that data. For this the Raspberry Pi is perfect. Bellow is an artical i found on making a small operating system which i could use just to run the intended information.

What I'm considering it doing is running my dissertation in the form of a text adventure. that would be its only function. it turns on and boots up the beggining of the 'game', you work your way through and that is all.

I have already found a program called "Quest" which allows you to create a complex adventure game from the ground up and convert it into many different fomats once finished.

I have since found that it is possible to run text adventures using an arduino board which 1. is cheaper and 2. would allow it to be its soul function.



It seems the way i need to arrange everything in order to create this is as follows

- Create content (i.e. Dissertation)

- Draw out a translation of this into a 'game'

- Write the code for the game in an appropriate format (Quest, Arduino, or other)

- Get the hardware to run it

- Build an enclosing to house the whole thing.



Its a start. need to work out how to accommodate the tech into my format.



I have a colour TFT screen which i plan on using for the final thang.



At this point i have a general feeling of the steps which need to follow. I have my screen working and i have the code from one of the other projects. What i want to do is get their code running on my hardware. After which ill then adapt the code to create my own story.

So far though its been more of a struggle than i first thought.

What i have done is adapted the code which came with the TFT screen to display a sequence of texts w would read in order.

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