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A QR (Quick Response) code is a type of Barcode which can call upon additional information when scanned. They were originally designed to redirect to parts information within different types of manufacturing processes. They can be read by bar code scanners and most notably in my case, phone cameras.

Today they are used heavily throughout many industries and have become common place within social media to link to profiles and other documentation.

So i have an idea to hide QR codes within a painting so that when its scanned you get additional information to the image. Say an audio file, text document or anything else you can think of.

Currently i need to test the robustness of the QR code when i put it in this situation.

I have produced a small piece of text in a PDF file which ive generated a code for and ive out it into MSpaint to see what does and doesn't work.

Bellow is the original image that links to the PDF...

And here is my first attempt at distortion so that it's still readable...

It seems as though it need contrast between the distinct parts of boxed information. so long as self contained sections are of the same colour and that it has a difference in hue to the background my phone scanner has so far been reading them well.

This worked...

This worked...

This at the time didn't work...

But this did work...

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