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  • Kyran Gilbert

My Hat...

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

I own (and often wear) a black, cotton flat cap. Manufactured by the ‘Dickies’ brand. I purchased it at a T.K.Maxx. I like that shop because to me it feels like they stock the outlet’s dregs, but coming from untouched pints and your still being charged for them, but at a considerably reduced rate. I came across this hat at random but immediately grew attached to it as soon as I saw the thing. And since the purchase it has become increasingly attached to me.

But the dickies hat I own is not that same hat. That hat disappeared one day on my way home from work at 3am in the morning. The need to refill the whole left by that exact hat was so great that I prowled ebay until I could find exactly the same one. Even when offered with the chance to get the size up which I know would have fitted me better. I declined, because the feeling of the smaller, but stretched hat would be the familiar one. That is the hat. That same hat. But a different hat. Both are my hat. One was. One is. They are the same. But there are two.

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