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For my PPD im undertaking a placement at Weber Industries: where ill be acting as "Junior Fabricator" for a week in April.

I was put in contact with Anna Bunting-Branch who is works there part time in an admin role. Her partner Gavin Weber is the owner and director of the company and through the two of them set up the week i worked there.

Gavin studied as an artist doing his MA at the Slade. it was during his studies there that he worked part time at a bar where over the summer built out a new interior for the location and off the back of that work stated the buisness which now fabricates fro artists, designers, signage for all sorts, private client, cabinet making and all sorts.

I spoke to most of the fabricators there and gauged their path to getting to working full time as part of the team. The youngest employee Rosie Galloway, studied at GSA and from there went into costume and prop making for a film production company, but has since moved to London. Within Weber Industries she specializes in metalwork but her own artistic practice is within leatherworking. she has a studio within the building as does Anna who is currently compleating a doctorate at the Slade.

Bellow is the PowerPoint presentation i showed as response to my experience during the week.

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